All your banking and
payment tools in one place

Simplify your money flows with an IBAN account that receives same-day settlements directly from your merchant account.

Get both accounts in a single application for your UK or European company.

IBAN Account Features Include

Integrate payments to your website or selling platform.

SEPA and IBAN accounts

SEPA and Faster Payments IBAN accounts for EU and UK businesses

Merchant Account

Merchant account balances settled to your IBAN account immediately

Payments around the world

Send domestic and international payments around the world

Manage cards

Manage corporate expenses with virtual spending cards

Use your IBAN account to receive settlements from your merchant account, exchange currencies, pay vendors and provide virtual cards for your whole team.

  • Europe
  • UK

Join thousands of entrepreneurs across Europe and the UK who are already enjoying professional, affordable and reliable banking services connected to their merchant account.

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