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Get your perfect merchant account for the digital economy. Accept secure online, in-person and keyed card payments through any payment channel, turn every device into a payment terminal.

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Turn every device into a payment terminal
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Turn every device into a payment terminal
Access a global acquiring network through a single integration

Access a global acquiring network through a single integration

One integration connects a global network of more than 240 acquirers and alternative payment methods.

Everything you need to accept all major card brands, payment methods and currencies around the world.

Add an IBAN or Faster Payments account in the same application

Add an IBAN or Faster Payments account in the same application

Scale your business with a SEPA IBAN or UK Faster Payments account.

Receive settlements, pay vendors and withdraw funds easily, issue employee debit cards with custom limits.

Leverage a portfolio of value-added payment services

Leverage a portfolio of value-added payment services

We help founders build companies that last. Whether accepting card payments, sending funds, or managing instalment, subscription or metered billing scenarios. is your strategic partner for payments at home and around the globe.

How can help your business

We start with basics that just work, then checkbox more of your requirements in a single solution so you can focus on growth.

Merchant Account

Merchant Account

Accept all major card brands, payment methods and currencies with a merchant account that’s right for your business.

We partner with multiple acquiring banks to bring you more options with the best features, pricing and terms.

Applying is quick and simple
Global Payment Gateway

Global Payment Gateway

Access our global network of acquirers and payment methods through a single API integration or webshop plugin.

Our hosted iframe solution is easy to implement, secure and PCI compliant, and customisable to match your styling.

See all gateway features
IBAN Faster Payments Account

IBAN Faster Payments Account

Get all your banking and payment accounts in one place with a single application.

Receive settlements from your merchant account, wire funds, exchange currencies, and provide virtual and physical cards for your whole team.

One simple application
Reporting & Insights Hub

Reporting & Insights Hub

Gain real-time insights into your payments activity and analysis of aggregated payment data.

Our rich transaction data hub simplifies your reconciliation exercise and gives for full control of data driven decision making

Check out the reporting hub
Billing Manager

Billing Manager

Launch your recurring payments business and manage the revenue process with our flexible, cloud-based billing manager.

Set up single purchase, instalment, subscription and metered products. Sell through digital platforms, payment links, virtual terminal, and QR code.

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Fraud & Dispute Management

Fraud & Dispute Management

Fine tune more than 120 internal settings, external risk tools and 3DS 2.0 to optimise conversions and minimise fraud.

Deploy and configure Ethoca and Verifi to receive notifications for fraud transactions in real time and avoid chargebacks before they happen.

Business that use

Online Sellers

  • Retailers
  • Subscriptions
  • Digital Content

Remote Business

  • Freelancers
  • Consultants
  • Contractors

Dream Teams

  • Sales Teams
  • Contact Centers
  • Collection Teams


  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers


  • Brokers
  • Agents
  • Administrators is different is a financial technology company, not a bank. We partner with leading financial institutions to extend their core services through our global payment gateway, billing orchestration suite and unified reporting hub so you have everything you need in a single integration.

Our products revolve around optimising the payment journey in a way that's global, secure and seamless.

Network of Acquiring Banks

Network of Acquiring Banks

Build and maintain relationships with multiple merchant account providers for more service options.

Single Point of Integration

Single Point of Integration

Connect to multiple acquirers and all the payment methods you need with a single integration.

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Accept more than 140 currencies and access the latest payment methods from around the world.

Unified Reporting Hub

Unified Reporting Hub

Unified reporting environment for a clear picture of your transactions, settlements and payouts.

Payments Expertise

Payments Expertise

Dedicated team of experts that understands your business needs and is ready to assist you.

Billing Flexibility

Billing Flexibility

Create and manage ongoing subscriptions and instalments with our proprietary billing solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does accept my business type?

    We accept applicants that are:

    • duly organized business entities,
    • registered and physically located in the EU or UK,
    • operating legal and compliant businesses,
    • that do not pose extraordinary risk.

    As a financial technology company, we partner with financial institutions (called “acquiring banks” or “acquirers”) in the EU and UK that define their own acceptance policies. Our ability to accept your business type may depend in large part on the acceptance policies of our partners.

    Contact our payment experts for more insights into risk factors considered by acquirers in the underwriting process and get a free risk assessment of risk factors in scope for your business.

  • What documents do I need to provide?

    Merchant accounts are regulated just like bank accounts, so your acquirer will perform basic KYC/AML checks to approve your account.

    Each applicant must provide documents confirming:

    • The identity of their business entity, its ownership structure, its directors, and its good standing with its registrar.
    • A bank document confirming the bank account where proceeds from card payments will be settled.
    • Each director and each UBO (owner of 25% or more) most provide a passport or national identity document and a proof of address such as a utility bill, issued within the last 90 days.
    • Additional documents confirming business details such as licensing, certifications, or other details like supplier agreements may be required on a case-by-case basis.

    Contact our payment experts to book a free scoping session to define requirements for your business.

  • Where are my funds kept?

    Proceeds from your credit card sales are settled by the card networks each day and deposited to a client funds account with your acquirer for safekeeping. When your payment is due according to your settlement cycle (daily or weekly), funds are transferred directly from the acquirer client funds account to your business bank account.

  • Can I apply even if I'm not physically in the EU or UK?

    Our payment gateway and billing platform are technical services outside the scope of licensed activity and are integrated to many other acquirers around the world, but to work for you in a holistic sense they must be coupled with the licensed services of an acquirer to provide you with a connected merchant account.

    Our partner acquirers are licensed in the EU and UK (the EEA) so to use their services your business must be registered and located within the EEA. If you already have a merchant account with another provider or if you are located outside of the EEA and want to use our gateway connections or billing platform, talk to our payment experts for help identifying an integrated acquirer located in your region.

  • How much does cost?

    To provide our services in a holistic manner we work with merchant acquirers that undertake the processing of card transactions. When you use our services you will be required to enter a contract with an acquirer that we nominate, under which transaction charges and other fees will apply. The fees indicated in the pricing section of our website are representative of the fees charged by our nominated acquirers and include our fees, we do not charge separate or additional fees for card processing services.

    If you already have a merchant account with another connected acquirer or if you are located outside the licensed region of our partner acquirers and you elect to use our platform or payment gateway only in combination with the acquiring services of your own acquirer, we will charge you the rates indicated on our billing website located at

  • What do you do for security?

    Our cardholder data environment (CDE) and connections into and out of the CDE are protected with industry standard security technology and apparatus certified at PCI-DSS Level-1, the highest available data security standard. We offer secure methods to connect to our payment gateway and CDE, all of which consider security with paramount importance.

    Card data stored within the CDE is encrypted with military grade encryption technology and referenced by randomized tokens which cannot be decrypted. Contact our payments experts for more information on how keeps card data safe and secure.

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